Rossi 1947 – Pesto Genovese, 85gr


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The fresh Genoese pesto Rossi 1947 was born from the desire of the Panizza family to raise the quality bar, to make everybody familiar with the true Genoese pesto made according to traditional recipe.

The Genoese pesto Rossi 1947 is considered one of the best and the best in Genoa means to be the best everywhere.

Pesto is not a simple sauce. It is a knowledge that is the basis of an ancient and noble culture, made with the right experience in selecting raw materials and a clear idea of the result you want to achieve.

Ingredients: Italian extra virgin olive oil, Genoese basil¬†DOP 26%, parmigiano reggiano DOP (MILK, salt, RENNET), pine nuts, “Fiore Sardo” DOP (MILK, salt, RENNET), sea salt from Trapani, garlic from Vessalico.

Shelf life: 12 months


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