Pietrasanta – Organic Fiaschetto Tomato Sauce, 570gr


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Product Description

Fiaschetto Tomato from Torre Guaceto in Salsa – Slow Food Presidium – Natural, without citric acid, cooked in a bain-marie.

Ingredients: Fiaschetto di Torre Guaceto tomato whole with the addition of tomato puree Fiaschetto di Torre Guaceto – Processing: artisanal.

The Fiaschetto Tomato of Torre Guaceto in Salsa is a product created to bring the whole tomato to your table, in short, by opening it you will feel all the aromas and flavors of our spring.

The fiaschetto tomato remains intact in the tomato sauce, all this is the result of the passion of the Leobilla family that controls the entire production chain: from the selection of the redest and ripest tomatoes in the field for sowing next year, up to their harvest and packaging that takes place within hours of arrival in the laboratory.

The Fiaschetto Tomato of Torre Guaceto wins the recognition of the Slow Food Presidium in 2008, and specifically the one produced within the Torre Guaceto reserve by the Pietrasanta Farm, obtains recognition in the summer of 2017, for the autochthonous variety, the good practices agronomic aspects of the company, the eco-sustainable techniques and the landscape and environmental value.

Our Fiaschetto tomato is in conversion to organic farming and represents a historical cultivar of the territory between Ostuni and Carovigno, close to the Apulian Adriatic coast, and precisely from the Torre Guaceto Reserve, in the heart of Puglia from which it draws particular unique characteristics like the sweet and brackish taste.

Keep in a cold and dry place. After opening, store in the refrigerator for 4/5 days.


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