Pietrasanta – Organic Fiaschetto Pulped Tomatoes, 500gr


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Ingredients: Fiaschetto tomatoes, salt.

Pomodoro Fiaschetto (Fiascheto tomato) is grown mainly in the territory of the WWF protected area of ​​Torre Guaceto, between the towns of Carovigno and Brindisi. It is recognized as a unique product by the Slow Food movement.

This tomato has an oval shape, with a thin skin, and a sweet and juicy flavour. It is mainly used for the preparation of the typical “Salsa di pomodoro” – tomato sauce.

The outstanding quality of this potato comes from the stony land and the influence of the nearby sea, from which the irrigation water comes from.

 Cultivation takes place in respect of traditional and organic methods. Production is in small clusters of 4-5 tomatoes that are placed on floors and left in the sun to lose some of their acidity.

The harvest starts after the second ten days of June and lasts all summer.

Fiaschetto tomato is the basis for the preparation of the tomato sauce which is prepared in late summer and consumed throughout winter.
The pulped tomatoes by “Pietrasanta”  farm is the result of the family passion for this Apulian fruit, that controls the entire production process: from the selection of the reddest  and ripest tomatoes in the field until their collection and packaging that takes place within a few hours after their arrival at the laboratory.

Store in a cool and dry place. Once opened, store in the refrigerator.


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