Perche’ ci Credo – Passata del Salento n. 2, 330ml


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Product Description

“Passate del Salento” (Crushed tomatoes from Salento)is an invitation to discover Salento, through its truest part, culture and tradition, an invitation to taste a small collection of red pearls, our cherry tomatoes grown everywhere, in aridoculture, in our lands surrounded by the sea . There are many varieties that are still cultivated in sun-hardened patches of land and which are then sold in the villages, at every corner, in colored boxes: the Leccese pizzuto, the village Tondo, the Tondo racalino, the Tondo gialletto, the Tondo of Morciano.

Each has its own characteristic, shape, consistency or sweetness.

Number 2 is made with the Tondo Bucato Leccese, a small and tasty tomato spread all over Salento.
It is particularly sought after for its texture and colour. The Tondo Bucato Leccese is produced and distributed exclusively in Salento.