I&P – Olive Tea Leaves, 40gr


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Olive tea is an ideal herbal remedy to maintain optimal levels of well-being and vitality thanks to the high concentration of oleuropein, a polyphenol present in very high quantities in the leaves of our centuries-old olive trees. It is semi-fermented, like Chinese Oolong Tea.

It is a mono-varietal, that is, the leaves come from a single type of olive tree: the Caninese.

The olive tree is a plant used by man since ancient times, not only for the production of oil, produced with undisputed nutraceutical qualities, but also for the active and medical ingredients present in its leaves.


Infuse 2 g of dry leaves (one teaspoon) in a cup of boiling water (250 ml). Leave to infuse for 10 minutes, filter and drink, even several times a day.


Do not consume more than 5 g per day.

Avoid it during pregnancy.


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