Mulino Val d’Orcia – Organic Spelt Pennette, 500gr

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Product Description

Organic spelt pasta, stone-milled flour, bronze dried.

Produced with stone-ground organic flours in the company mill, drawn in bronze and dried slowly and at low temperature, Mulino Val d’Orcia pasta is an extremely porous artisan product, with a characteristic amber color and an unmistakable flavor!

Our pasta produced with stone-ground spelt flour, has a higher fiber and mineral content than industrial pasta and maintains the lipid-vitamin properties, it is a more balanced pasta and has a lower glycemic index.

INGREDIENTS: Organic whole meal spelt flour

NUTRITIONAL VALUES (average for 100 g):

Energy 1496kJ / 354 Kcal,

Fatty Acids 3.58 g of which saturated 0.5 g,

Carbohydrates 63.67 g of which sugars 3.86 g,

Fibers 8.26 g,

Proteins 12.66 g,

Salt 0.004 g


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