Grignano – Vin Santo di Chianti Rufina DOC 2010, 0.375L


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Product Description

Coloure: amber-yellow, limpid.
Aroma: very complex, characterized by notes of dried apricot and dried fruitsTaste: great structure and complexity. Very persistent on the palate

Appellation: DOC Vinsanto del Chianti Rufina

Age of vineyard : 25 years

Grape varieties: 65% Malvasia del Chian@, 35% Trebbiano

Harvest period: at the end of September the best grapes are selected from the various vineyards

Grape drying: natural air drying by hanging grapes for about 3 months (100 days)

Fermentation: after press, the must is decanted into small oak barrels named Caratelli (50/225 liters) where alcoholic fermentation takes place

Aging: 5 years minimum


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