Greco – Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 250ml


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We look to the future with a view to sustainability, we strictly comply with the organic farming regulations, which require we not to use herbicides and chemical fertilizers.
The Greco farm was born from the passion of young cousins ​​who converted the family land into olive groves to fulfill the dream of creating a product as unique as the land that produces it.

The Azienda Agricola Greco is located in the Municipality of Centuripe, a small town in the Sicilian hinterland which, with its history dating back to the Hellenic era, was defined  as the “balcony of Sicily” precisely because of the breathtaking panorama that it contains in a single view from Etna to the east coast, crossing the plain of Catania. The company extends for about 10 hectares on land from the hilly stretch to an altitude of 400 meters above sea level. facing North East.

The EVO produced by the Greek farm comes exclusively from olives of Nocellara Etnea, the main cultivar of the Etna foothills area
This extra virgin olive oil, an excellent expression of the Nocellara etnea cultivar. An extra virgin that is striking for its simplicity and clarity. A fresh and clean taste, with clear hints of ripe tomato, with a defined but pleasant bitter note and an energetic and persistent spicy finish.
You immediately perceive the hint of ripe tomato that makes you want a margherita pizza, then structured with greener notes of artichoke and basil and then leave a sweeter but always great freshness sensation that recalls the citrus fruits of Sicily.

Upon tasting it is confirmed as a clean, high quality oil; a light sensory texture but rich in green notes in addition to tomato, from the freshest of basil to the most intense ones of artichoke, accompanied by a contained bitter note and a spicy that, although not aggressive, recalls the lively sensation of wild rocket growing in sunny lands.
Recommended for those looking for a very fragrant and clean quality extra virgin olive oil.
An oil that fills every dish with fragrance and freshness.
For these characteristics it is the perfect complement for salads of all kinds, its delicious fresh cheeses and on fish carpaccio to which it gives fragrance, freshness and a note of panache without ever overpowering them. A must try to refresh a margherita pizza.
But its scents will also inebriate you with Sicilian dishes such as paccheri squid and pistachios.



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