Baghi’s – Biscuits with Blu61, 140gr


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What do we mean by savory biscuits? They are real shortbread biscuits, therefore very buttery, but… not sweet, indeed salty! Salty both because no sugar is added to sweeten them and also because the dose of salt in this case is greater than that used for our classic shortbread biscuits. Why make savory biscuits? Because we wanted to propose something unusual, delicious, to be tasted perhaps during an aperitif or to accompany some good wine or a good craft beer. Savory biscuits are also excellent to accompany other foods, perhaps a tasty cheese, or a good quality cured meat: you can really indulge yourself with combinations.

Our savory biscuits are still excellent even on their own, indeed! Savoring them alone, they release all their aroma and certainly stimulate the appetite! Obviously, we also use high quality raw materials for our savory biscuits: stone-ground flour from Italian wheat, fresh eggs from free-range hens. zero, butter obtained by centrifuge and Maldon salt in crystals (yes, even salt is precious in our savory biscuits!).

We then added some other excellent raw materials to these extraordinary raw materials.

This biscuits are a tribute to the fabulous blue cheese of La Casearia Carpenedo. A blue cheese aged in Raboso and cranberries. Among the ingredients, in addition to Blu 61, we have added black cherries that give a touch of sweetness, recalling both raboso and cranberries to the palate.

Enjoy them with a glass of our Taurasi!


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