Trenette with Pesto


For the pesto: 2 cloves of garlic; a large handful of basil; grated Sardinian cheese and Parmesan cheese; extra virgin olive oil; salt.

For the pasta: 12 oz of trenette; 2 oz of green beans; 2 diced potatoes.


Chop the garlic and put it in a marble mortar with a little coarse salt. Wash and squeeze the basil, then take the leaves without the stem and put them one by one in the mortar, pounding with a wooden pestle while adding the garlic, four spoonfuls of grated Sardinian and Parmesan cheese mixed together, until you get a smooth mixture. At this point add olive oil while stirring with a spoon until you get the desired texture. Then boil the green beans, diced potatoes and trenette in hot water for as long as necessary to make them al dente. Strain and season with the pesto, which you have previously diluted with a little cooking water, adding the potatoes, green beans and more Parmesan cheese.

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