About Us

Clessidra is above all the story of an Italian family.

After ten and more years of coporate career and professional experience in China, we relocated to Singapore in 2012. That’s where we focused in raising our family and leverage on our cultural background to set up Clessidra.

We soon realized that in the amazing selection of food and ingredients that Singapore offers, truly and authentic Italian food was very limited if not inexistent. This despite the clearly visible, strong and increasing love and interest of Singaporeans for Italian food. This led us to talk to farmers and small artisan suppliers in Italy we knew, as our mothers used to buy ingredients from them for the family meals.

In 2012, from a home office in central Singapore and a warehouse in the west, Clessidra officially opened for business.

We have  been searching every corner of Italy for the best, most authentic and artisanal food products, made only using local ingredients in season and following traditional recipes. This gave us the opportunity to introduce Singaporeans to the truly authentic Italian food.

Over the last years, the product range expanded as quickly as our customer base. Evolving from the basic pasta and pasta sauces, we rapidly expanded to artisanal pastas made with ancient wheat and grains, to wild truffle products from some of the most hidden and less commercial truffle areas in Italy, to premium extra virgin olive oils made in small batches.

These represent just some of the broader range we have the pleasure of sourcing and bringing to your table.

Clessidra became a growing online and offline food company selling a complete range of high quality, authentic and genuine Italian food products and wines.

Today we are more than ever loyal to our decision to only sell products from suppliers we personally know and met and who share our vision to provide customers with products without preservatives and made only with the best local and seasonal ingredients.

In late 2015, we had the opportunity to expand into retail with our own corners and pop-up stores in some of the most high end department stores in Singapore. This allowed us to reach an increasing diversity of customers in Singapore and to explore new opportunities. This evolution, together with our regular food and wine tasting sessions, cooking classes and private events, makes it easier for us to reach and communicate with all our customers, regardless of their product preferences and knowledge of Italian food.

Today Clessidra is one of the brands under Storeitalia, an innovative concept store that offers a curated selection of Italian lifestyle, combining fashion, accessories, design and gourmet food.

Why Us?

At this website and in our retail shops we commit to give you the unique opportunity to taste and enjoy authentic and sometime “off-the-track” Italian food selected with passion from artisans who focus on tasty and healthy ingredients. We source directly from the suppliers and we make sure that all our products are available only from our e-store and retail shops.

At Clessidra we don’t offer only genuine, authentic and artisanal food but also a journey of discovery, learning and inspiration about the best Italian food and lifestyle.

Our Commitment

Because we believe that the very best consistently comes from small productions that use local and seasonal ingredients. And in working with small, family owned local businesses, we are not just ensuring that our products are fantastic and truly genuine, but we are working to protecting a way of life and traditions that have been preserved through generations.

Because families own these businesses, they make products that they themselves eat everyday, and take great pride in. After all, it’s their name on the package. This allows a greater attention to details and steers us away from anything too “corporate”. So, when we say “authentic, genuine and artisanal” we really mean it.

This website and our retail expansion signal a new chapter for the company, featuring an enhanced online and in store customer experience with a range of additional features and activities and a commitment to significantly expand our service to newer customers.

Visit our retail stores and we will assist you in your selection. We will pack with great care your online order for delivery or for you to pick up at your most convenient time.